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A Care Package from Knott's

Well, we picked the wrong time to start a theme park blog....

I hope everybody out there is staying safe at home and doing all the things we need to do to beat this virus so we can get back to the parks. In the meantime, is there anything we can do to recreate that theme park experience? Well, Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California (Los Angeles metro area) is currently shipping goodies all over the continental US. They even have a few from the Boysenberry Festival that normally occurs each spring but has been cancelled this year due to Covid-19. Check out for all the details, but beware going there on an empty stomach.

I ordered several goodies from them, and I must say the customer service has been fantastic the whole way through. It's been a few years since I've been able to get out to Knott's, since I live in the Midwest, but it was a sort of homecoming getting to experience all that boysenberry goodness once more.

Boysenberry Jam - This was my favourite thing at Knott's when I was there in person, and I had to order some more. It's very sweet, but has a perfect consistency and is great on any breakfast breads

Pancake Mix with Boysenberry Syrup - The mix is good for both pancakes and waffles, so we made both. The pancakes were light and fluffy, and the syrup was very powerful. It doesn't take much to add a whole lot of flavour!

Boysenberry Punch - I had an unlimited refill cup when I went to Knott's, and this is what I drank all day. It's shipped as a concentrate, so add water according to the instructions. My kids loooooved this so much.

Cake Batter Cookies - Cookies are obviously better warm and fresh out of the oven, but the next best thing is a package of cake batter cookies. Like most of these, it's on the sweet side, but has that good, pungent boysenberry taste.

Boysenberry Twists - Like Twizzlers, but so juicy, and of course, with that boysenberry bursting from every bite.

Boysenberry Vinaigrette Dressing - It's a little on the thick side, which I prefer. If you're a fan of raspberry vinaigrettes, as I am, then give this a try.

Boysenberry Hot Sauce - It's a sweet heat, with a very mild kick. if you're into the Carolina Reaper/Ghost Pepper/etc. school of hot sauce, you may be disappointed. If you are like me and prefer mostly flavour with a little heat, you'll go nuts for this.

Boysenberry Barbecue Sauce - Well, this one didn't survive the journey from California, but a quick email to Knott's customer service got a new bottle on its way quickly. That's the level of service I experienced when I was there, and it totally carried over to this order as well. I always say people make a theme park, and Knott's has some of the best people in the business.

I hope that's helped you survive this Covid-extended offseason, and if you have also partaken of the bounty of Knott's marketplace, let us know in the comments!

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