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What a Year

Well, that's about it for this year. Some parks still have Christmas events, to some extent at least, but for the most part, 2020 just wasn't the year any of us expected. Well, it's all over now, at least for most parks,'s been bad. Covid really took a bite out of the travel and entertainment industries. And despite all that, kudos to the resilience of the parks for doing what they could, even in a pandemic, to take care of their guests and give people hope in these times.

And so we look forward to next year. We look forward to finally getting a handle on this pandemic, to finally making it safe for people to gather, to finally making theme parks destinations again. We're looking forward to traveling, to seeing places outside our back yards, to enjoying ourselves at a fun place again.

Oh, man, I have missed the parks, as I've been quarantining since March. I really do love the theme park experience, and it has been rough not getting to experience that for the first time in over 30 years. It's ridiculous that the only roller coaster I rode this year, I rode on January 1. Still, it's been important to get a handle on this pandemic and not contribute to the sickness of our fellow Americans, and I'm glad to have done my part. That said, I am really hopeful that next year we can visit safely and get back to normal.

This year was not the year we expected when we launched this site in February, but despite the delay, we are holding out hope to get to share with you all the good things theme parks bring to our lives.

So here's to 2021. Here's to the old normal again.

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